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I always wanted a scoop on my Fury but it had to big a BIG scoop. You don’t often see a hoodscoop on a C-Body Mopar, as they are mostly made for B and A bodies. And since they are smaller than a C Body, the scoops are just abit too small and don’t look right on a C in my opinion.

I like the big HEMI scoop the most as its big and mean lookin’, but I don’t like the fact that they are all fiberglass. I know thats a factory standard but I would rather see an all steel version. So I decided to make me an all steel HEMI hoodscoop.

On 31 November 2021, I finally received the keys to my new property, and after months of waiting bank approval, the day has finally come. Its a dream come true and I love every acre of it.

With more than 2000 trees, alot of wildlife and georgeous flora, I still can’t believe this is actually mine. The property is completly fenced and has water all the way around for total privacy.

The plan is to rebuild en enlarge the house for more space, creating a very large livingroom. I’ve received all neccessary permits to start the build, so all lights are green!

About a year ago, I custom fabricated a new console for the Fury to go along with the B&M Megashifter.

It came out quite ok and I really liked the result but in that design, there was no armrest nor any cupholders.

I drive quite often so after a year, I started to missed these things a lot.
So I decided to take out the entire console again, scrap it and start with a new design.

Out with the old one and in with the new one!

I installed a big fender amp in the trunk of my Fury about a year ago so I could play the guitar wherever I should go and I sure played it a lot!

I’m not playing for people as a street musician or something like that: I play for myself and whenever I see a great spot out there, I’ll take the opportunity, grab my guitar, plug it in and have a blast.

Buying or building it myself?

I was searching the internet for quite some time, looking for an affordable engine test stand for my 440 bigblock project and future engine builds. An engine test stand is ideal to test any engine for leaks, adjusting and breaking in a cam before you actually mount in into a car.

I found a few companies online that sell complete engine test stands, such as Summit Racing but the crème de la crème must be the engine test stands from Easy Run! That one is an absolute gem!

But with a 2K pricetag its definitely out of my leaque.

Got extremely lucky finding this beauty!

I was searching for ages finding a 70s stratocaster but all I could find were these high priced ones….I know, I know, they are pricy as they are awesome, but I just didn’t had the budget for it, so I was searching for a forgotten low priced one, but untill last week, I couldnt find any.

I want to build a complete drivetrain for my Fury

– or maybe for another Mopar that im gonna buy – with decent performance and all new components, preferrably build by myself. I already have a 440 Bigblock and a 727 tranny that im gonna rebuild but I’m gonna start with the 8.75 rearend. I was searching the internet to find an 8.75 rearend that came from a late C-Body style car, so the lenght would be a direct bolt-in for my Fury.

The Fury now has a good – but weaker – 8.25 rearend that will be replaced with the 8.75 rearend.

I really had to repair some issues I had with the Fury, as the longer I waited, the more annoying they became. I had a problem with the turn signal switch: I didnt stayed on – It didn’t clicked in, so to speak – and when I took a turn, I had to keep the stick manually in place. That was pretty annoying. But also the passenger window would not close anymore. When I turned it up – no power windows – it would hang sideways and got stuck.

All small but annoying issues that I don’t like to work on, but was neccessary to fix.

Meet Ome Henk

Or in English: Uncle Hank, A 9 weeks old, long haired Dutch Shepherd up. I already have cats and a few chickens but when I move to Cloverfield, I want alot more farm animals like geese and maybe a few goats.

But I also wanted a good protection dog that could also herd and protect live stock, as there are some wild predators in the area, like foxes.

I still cannot believe it and I still have to pinch myself to check that I’m not dreaming but it is true. I finally have my little place under the sun – or rain, because after all, this still is Holland – I seached quite a while to find the perfect spot for me as I had alot of demands.

It had to be private, with no closeby neighbors and it had to be big.

And big it is, at least, for Dutch standards as Holland is a very small country with alot of people, so you can imagine how hard it was to find a place which had all those properties. But some time ago, I stumbled on this gem: five acres of land in the Dutch countryside, with a medium sized villa on it and a medium size warehouse with no neighbors and completely hidden by a wall of trees all around. I made an appointment with the owners and found out they were emigrating so they were looking for a buyer that wasn’t in a hurry as they needed the time to move.