The 1970s was no doubt the only decade of the 20th century when music was at its best! In those day, there were fewer kinds of media competing for the average consumer’s time—television meant just a handful of channels, video games were the size of refrigerators and could be found in arcades. Vinyl records were THE thing in those days. And in my opinion: they still are!

Record stores were everywhere and home stereos were a standard part of middle-class culture. Analog recording technology was at its peak and FM radio was uprising. I still have a large collection of vinyl, cassettes and even 8-tracks today and what better medium than to share it with you is YouTube.

Here is a small selection from my hand-picked best songs from my Spotify Playlist.

Earth & Fire


Deep Purple

“Highway Star”

Tame Impala


Vanilla Fudge

“You just keep me hangin’ on”


“Don’t call us, we call you”


“Detroit Rock City”

The Moody Blues



“Crazy on you”

Blind Faith

“Well all right”

Canned Heat

“On the road again”

Uriah Heap

“Easy Livin’ “


“Rock Bottom”