Out with the old one and in with the new one!

I installed a big fender amp in the trunk of my Fury about a year ago so I could play the guitar wherever I should go and I sure played it a lot!

I’m not playing for people as a street musician or something like that: I play for myself and whenever I see a great spot out there, I’ll take the opportunity, grab my guitar, plug it in and have a blast.

Got extremely lucky finding this beauty!

I was searching for ages finding a 70s stratocaster but all I could find were these high priced ones….I know, I know, they are pricy as they are awesome, but I just didn’t had the budget for it, so I was searching for a forgotten low priced one, but untill last week, I couldnt find any.

How cool would it be to play the guitar next to the Toecutter?

That’s exactly what I always wanted to do. Since the trunk of the Toecutter is “as big as a whale”, I decided to install a Fender guitar amp in the trunk so I can drive to any cool spot, plug in the guitar and and start playing under the sun. (or moon)

Im not a street musician, and I sure would avoid crowded places but driving to the beach on a cold day, find a spot and start shredding “Speed King” next to the Toecutter with the amp wide open must be cool AF!

As a kid, I was a huge KISS fan and in a way, I still am.

Offcourse there were lots of other cool rockbands at the time, but they were just rockbands. KISS was a rockband, and so much more! The makeup, the shows, the spectacle: It was never been done by any band before.

KISS got me into playing the guitar and over the years I had a lot of amps, cabs and guitars. I recently bought a new pre amp and speaker cabinet, both retro offcourse, which I like to show you.