On 31 November 2021, I finally received the keys to my new property, and after months of waiting bank approval, the day has finally come. Its a dream come true and I love every acre of it.

With more than 2000 trees, alot of wildlife and georgeous flora, I still can’t believe this is actually mine. The property is completly fenced and has water all the way around for total privacy.

The plan is to rebuild en enlarge the house for more space, creating a very large livingroom. I’ve received all neccessary permits to start the build, so all lights are green!

Meet Ome Henk

Or in English: Uncle Hank, A 9 weeks old, long haired Dutch Shepherd up. I already have cats and a few chickens but when I move to Cloverfield, I want alot more farm animals like geese and maybe a few goats.

But I also wanted a good protection dog that could also herd and protect live stock, as there are some wild predators in the area, like foxes.

I still cannot believe it and I still have to pinch myself to check that I’m not dreaming but it is true. I finally have my little place under the sun – or rain, because after all, this still is Holland – I seached quite a while to find the perfect spot for me as I had alot of demands.

It had to be private, with no closeby neighbors and it had to be big.

And big it is, at least, for Dutch standards as Holland is a very small country with alot of people, so you can imagine how hard it was to find a place which had all those properties. But some time ago, I stumbled on this gem: five acres of land in the Dutch countryside, with a medium sized villa on it and a medium size warehouse with no neighbors and completely hidden by a wall of trees all around. I made an appointment with the owners and found out they were emigrating so they were looking for a buyer that wasn’t in a hurry as they needed the time to move.

Besides working on my projects, I also need a place to relax and chill with my friends.

And so I dedicated a small portion of my garage to become a mancave. I used to have my mancave upstairs, but it is much nicer to have all my projects, cars or bikes closeby to look at. In the same room that is.

So I hauled everything from upstairs to the garage to create an all vintage 70’s relax corner downstairs.

I also brought my guitars and amp setup there as the sound is much better there because of the space. Its shredders heaven there!

As far as I can remember, I always liked reading comic strips

As a little kids my parents subscribed me to Walt Disney’s Donald Duck. In a time without Internet and almost no television, comic strips was the next best thing.

And I collected a lot! Starting with Donald Duck but at the age of 10, my interests shifted more to sci-fi and war comics.

At that time, you had cheap small war pocket comics, drawn in black and white which I collected and as I became older, I start collecting the adult versions also like Maghella, Oltrotomba and Hessa.

I was born in 1967, so I was raised in the 70s and a teen in the 80s.

I have a tremendous nostalgia for those years, and life was pretty great.

I grew up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the 70s were a time before mobile phones, personal computers and tablets, and there were only 2 television channels. If you wanted to listen to music you either turned on the radio or listened to your record collection. And vinyl albums are awesome, and still are!