Here is the engine test stand. We already welded in the back plates and mounted the red rubber tranny mount.

Buying or building it myself?

I was searching the internet for quite some time, looking for an affordable engine test stand for my 440 bigblock project and future engine builds. An engine test stand is ideal to test any engine for leaks, adjusting and breaking in a cam before you actually mount in into a car.

I found a few companies online that sell complete engine test stands, such as Summit Racing but the crème de la crème must be the engine test stands from Easy Run! That one is an absolute gem!

But with a 2K pricetag its definitely out of my leaque.

So I decided to build an engine test stand myself and you can find tons of examples on You Tube from people who has made them.

The problem that hold me back to actually make one, were the dimensions. I did not know how wide, long and were the engine mount bolts had to go. I had to start from scratch and it would probably would be a lot of trial and error build.

Cleaning and prepping the metal for the weld.

Welding in the back plates for the battery and the fuel cell.

Plates welded in place.

Rubber pad for tranny mount.

Facebook Ads

Well, not really Facebook ads but I’m a member of a Dutch Mopar group and one day, a fella named Jos posted a thread about a free complete engine test stand that he fabricated himself. It was a free take-away for the first one to react.

And best of all: its was designed for a Mopar 440 Big Block, just like the one I have, with the engine mount holes in the correct spot. So I immediately responded to Jos and told him that I really would like the engine test stand! He was really a supernice guy and I could take the engine test stand for free!

I jumped in my car and within an hour, I was at his place.

Bought him a nice chocolate cake and he showed me the engine test stand. A solid, straight forward no nonsense design on very sturdy wheels so I was very happy with it. He also showed me his awesome Dodge Coronet that he was working on and I could immediately tell that this fella knew what he was doing.

I thanked him a lot for the engine stand and took it home.

Made a custom dashboard from steel and aluminium for the gauges.

We cut the dashboard with a drill and a power file to install the gauges.

Got some nice digital gauges.

Gauges installed along with a power switch. 

Upgrading the Engine Test Stand

Since I had a perfect base now, I decided to upgrade the engine test and welded 2 steel plates on the back to make room for a fuel cell and the battery. I removed the old control panel and made a new panel from steel and aluminium and drilled holes for 5 gauges.

Oil pressure, oil temp, volt meter, water temp and a tachometer were installed.

I painted the entire structure with black hammerite and place a red rubber transmission mount on the back.

The fuel cell was a perfect fit and had some A/N fittings and braided fuel line to go along with it. Next up is to build extendable arms so I can adjust the space between the radiator and the engine, a switch box to collect all the wires and make the dashboard adjustable so I have ample space for any future radiator.

Fuel cell fits nice on the backplate

A/N fittings ready for the fuel line.

And thats it for now

Get ready for part #2 when the new goodies arrive.  Big shoutout to Jos for his donation to me!

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