Got extremely lucky finding this beauty!

I was searching for ages finding a 70s stratocaster but all I could find were these high priced ones….I know, I know, they are pricy as they are awesome, but I just didn’t had the budget for it, so I was searching for a forgotten low priced one, but untill last week, I couldnt find any.

But then suddenly, some old friend of mine approached me and told me he had an old guitar layin’ around

that he received 20 some years ago from an old pal, and since he couldn’t play the guitar anyway, he asked me if I was interested in it.

I’m always interested in guitars but to be honest, I thought he probably had some old spanish acoustic guitar that everyone has, but I agreed to take a quick peek. Picky as I am when it comes to guitars, we arrived at his place and he grabbed an old guitar bag and I was curious right away as the bag had: “Fender” on it.

And there it is, layin’ on my table

Yes, its very dirty and did have a knob missing

Fender Stratocaster

He opened the bag and to my surprise a beautyful white stratocaster came out! It was dirty – very dirty -, snares were loose and a knob was missing but it cleary was a beauty! He handed it over to me and told me that he received the guitar from his pal in 1996 when he moved to another country and he on his turn, got it from a bandmember of a rockband that performed in the seventies in Holland. Now his friend also did not play the guitar so it basicly meant nothing to them. But it sure did to me!

He did not know the name of the band but I wanted to have the strat obviously!

He did not have an amp or anything so I could not test if the electronics worked but I bought it from him and rushed home right away, happy as a little kid! After inspection, I noticed that the strat was pretty dirty and worn out so I decided to go to a professional guitar shop to give it a major cleanup, new snares and proper adjustements.

Employee of the guitarshop doin’ his thing

Look at all this grime and dirt!

Roadtrip with the Strat!

I was waiting in the shop as the guitar got serviced but I was soo restless, I didn’t wanted to leave it behind to pick it up later. I convinced the guy that worked on it, that I wanted to play it as soon as I could and he fully understood. After about one hour, it was ready and I plugged it in at the shop.

It sure had that distinctive 70s sound and I was in heaven!

I called up my pal Dirk and told him I wanted to go on a small roadtrip to the westcoast, along with the strat to play it outside in the sun. As always, he immidiately responded with a big: “Lets go!” and off we went. We brought along hotdogs and we drove to the highest point on the westcoast and I started to play on the guitar with the amp fully open!

It was a moment I will never forget. There were almost no people, the sun was shining, the guitar had an extremely dirty 70s sound and I had my Fury close by.

Happiness is found in such moments I guess…

It still needs a knob and I don’t want to buy a brand new one. It has to be an old 70s knob so I be looking out for that one aswell…

Look at this 70s next to a 90s strat

My pal Dirk is preparing the hotdogs

Check out my video

I shot a video of that day so get ready for some KISS, V8 power and some great scenery from the westcoast! Shot with a gopro and a Mavic Mini drone.


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