The Fury Needed Some TLC!

I really had to repair some issues I had with the Fury, as the longer I waited, the more annoying they became. I had a problem with the turn signal switch: I didnt stayed on – It didn’t clicked in, so to speak – and when I took a turn, I had to keep the stick manually in place. That was pretty annoying. But also the passenger window would not close anymore. When I turned it up – no power windows – it would hang sideways and got stuck.

All small but annoying issues that I don’t like to work on, but was neccessary to fix.

I also had a problem with the rear shocks as the car was getting lower and lower in the rear. It came to a point that it was almost impossible to get over speedbumps. I had to crawl over them…

But there was also a big problem: Every time I accelerated from a stop, I heard a big “clunk” sound coming from the rear. And the “cluck” became louder and louder. Untill it came to a point that I could not launch the car at from a dead stop anymore because it was jumping out of gear on wide open throttle… I really had to look into that!

So it was time to address all these issues finally!

The Turn Signal Swith

Was a pain in the butt! I removed the steering wheel using a puller tool and got to the mechanism. I ordered just the cam – thats the moving part – from rockauto and replaced it. I had to solder the wires which was almost impossible to do, installed the new cam and tested my turn signal switch. It wasn’t working the way it should and the turn signal stick movement felt mushy.

Also, I lost the right side of my brake light…

Turned out that the brake lights are also controlled somehow in that switch.

Pulled everything out and ordered a brand new complete unit, which worked perfect! It was a hell of a job tho, getting the wires through the steering colomn but at the end of the day I was happy with the result!

The passenger window

Didn’t rolled up anymore. Halfway, the window just tilted to the front and was stuck. Now most of the time, I drive with the windows rolled down, but just in case of rain – I drive my Fury daily – I needed to fix this. Now in the past, I repaired similiar window problems and it was always alot of work getting the alligment right.

That was the reason I didn’t repaired it before.

We pulled of the doorpanel and checked the window mechanism. Immediately we noticed a loose bolt laying inside of the door. It was the bolt that kept the rotating gear mechanism fixed. We installed the bolt and the window rolled up perfectly! 🙂

And since the door panel was off, I greased every pivot point of the mechanism to ensure a smooth glide.


Replacing the KONI shocks

As the ass of the Fury was almost scraping the ground. It looked like one of those Mexican Lowriders 🙂 Somewere down the line, KONI shocks were installed which are very decent shocks in my opinion, but these were shot. Since I wanted the rear abit raised, I ordered Hi-Jackers for the Fury but that was no succes.

Overnight, the Fury dropped back on the ground as they were leaking air. Tried everything to fix it: taped all threads from the air inflating system and used thread sealant for the shocks themselves.

Checked all air nipples with soapy water but could’t find anything.

Then my friend Mario came up with almost new coil-over shocks that he had laying around. I bought them from him and installed them on the Fury. It was a perfect combination: The rear came up just the right amount for my taste and the ride is now smooth! The Fury now has the perfect stance!

Problem solved!

And now that big “Clunk”

Now that had me worried as this could be a blown tranny, rearend of worse. It had me layed on my back under the car for several times to see if it was something that was damaged from the outside. I hoped that it was maybe something stupid like the exhaust banging against the shocks or a leave spring bearing that had some play. But i needed to fix it because the car became almost undrivable.

From a dead stop, I need to accelerate very gently otherwise a big clunk was coming from the rearend and the last days, it was even jumping out of gear when I gave abit to much throttle..

So one day, I was in the garage trying to figure out the problem for the 10th time, opened up the hood, started the car, put it in Drive, foot on the brake and start to hit the throttle. A big “cluck” was heard but to my surprise, it didnt came from the rear? It came from the front! I looked at the engine from the driver seat and

I saw the entire engine coming out when I hit the throttle!

Turned out that engine mount was broken and when hitting the gas, the entire engine rotated, smashing the exhaust to the bottom of the car and tearing up my shifting linkage, so that there was so much play on it, that it would not get in gear properly.

I was so glad I found it, and that it wasnt something major! I installed a new engine mount, drilled a bolt through it for extra strengh – Dr Google tip – and installed a torque strap which I made from a Kryptonite chain lock. I repaired the play on the shift linkage and the car ran like new!

And at the end of the day, it wasnt all that bad. Glad that all the issues were solved and that it didnt break the bank. Big thanx to Dirk, Mario, Rockauto and Sixpack Speedshop!

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