Meet Ome Henk

Or in English: Uncle Hank,  A 9 weeks old, long haired Dutch Shepherd male pup. I already have cats and a few chickens but when I move to Cloverfield, I want alot more farm animals like geese and maybe a few goats. My wife and kids calls him “Prins or Prince” but I just call him “Ome Henk” 🙂

But I also wanted a good protection dog that could also herd and protect live stock, as there are some wild predators in the area, like foxes.

As we speak, I am already doing some active puppy training with Prins and socialize him as much as possible. He already know the sound of a 360 Mopar V8 and I’m pretty sure it won’t be long to ride shotgun with him in the “Toecutter“!

Long haired Dutch Shepherds are known to be very gentle toward family and friends, but still is very protective. So thats exactly what I wanted. Since there are only about 600 Dutch Shepherd worldwide, I was extremely lucky to get him.

So for the next few months, I will train him alot with him to prepare Prins for the big move to Cloverfield.

Check him out: doesn’t look like a protection “dag” yet right? 🙂

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