I Bought Five Acres Of Freedom

I still cannot believe it and I still have to pinch myself to check that I’m not dreaming but it is true. I finally have my little place under the sun – or rain, because after all, this still is Holland – I searched quite a while to find the perfect spot for me as I had alot of demands.

It had to be private, with no closeby neighbors and it had to be big.

And big it is, at least, for Dutch standards as Holland is a very small country with alot of people, so you can imagine how hard it was to find a place which had all those properties. But some time ago, I stumbled on this gem: five acres of land in the Dutch countryside, with a medium sized villa on it and a medium size warehouse with no neighbors and completely hidden by a wall of trees all around. I made an appointment with the owners and found out they were emigrating so they were looking for a buyer that wasn’t in a hurry as they needed the time to move.

For me, that was no problem and we made the deal: they will be moving out on November 2021, if not sooner. So that also bought me time to make a plan.

We were searching for a good name for the property and after “Morningwood” and “Woodstock”, we settled for “Cloverfield”.

I will enlarge the villa with an extra room, a new kitchen and will extend the livingroom. And thats only the beginning because I have alot of plans for it. There is also a warehouse – 15×7 meters – but since that is to small for my mancave, I will split this one up to be a girlcave for my wife on one side and the other side will be the fitness room.

There are also 3 big 5×5 sheds that I will use to store my tractor and other tools but my main focus will be on my shipping container build mancave! I will be blogging as much as possible about it so stay tuned for alot of fun projects.

Can’t wait to begin!

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