My Fury is running on propane gas only, better knows as LPG.

In The Netherlands, LPG is much cheaper than gasoline, so it really pays off. Especially when you drive a lot, like me.

Recently, we updated the stock manifold to a Edelbrock Torker manifold , removed the whimpy 2 barrel carb and installed a IMPCO 425 LPG mixer.

You can read that article here.

We also removed the entire fuel tank as it was rusted out anyway and got rid of all the fuel lines, so it’s propane only now.

  • 300A propane setup, stock manifold and 2 barrel carb

    Fugly as hell! 🙂

  • Old converter close up

    With old valve

Originally the Fury came with a 300A mixer setup and the propane converter that came with it was abit small.

It was a duel setup: You could flip a switch and choose if you want the engine running on gasoline or propane.

But since the carb is replaced by an IMPCO 425 and the engine running on propane only, it was time to upgrade both the propane converter and fuel lines.

Personally, I do not like the sight of a converter in the engine bay, so I installed the new IMPCO converter next to the radiator, so it was out of sight.

  • New Torker Manifold with IMPCO 425 Mixer

  • Installation In Progess

    On The Good Old 360LA

Next, I brought the Fury to a specialised propane company called AGIN BV, who installed larger diameter 8mm fuel lines for me from the propane tank in the trunk to the converter up front, including all new valves, expansion tank and wiring.

That really woke the Fury up!

As more propane is being sucked into the engine, it creates noticeable more horsepower to the rear wheels and that always makes me happy offcourse.

  • New Reservoir

  • New Valve

  • New location of the converter

    IMPCO Converter & 8mm Fuel Lines

If you live near Rotterdam and you would like to do a LPG conversion or a tune up.

I highly recommend AGIN BV as I had very good experiences with them.

They do not break the bank and know what they are doing.

Here is the link

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