Not really and oldskool ride but the 300C sure has that 70s look!

When I first saw the Chrysler 300C in 2004, I was stunned by the looks of it. It was Chryslers attempt to design a car that has that classic look and I wanted to have one offcourse. I had 2 5.7 Hemi’s when they first came out and later on, even the diesel version. But it took until 2015 that I got myself the SRT-8.

The SRT-8 cannot be compared to any other 300C as it had a lot more power, much better handling and it had fantastic leather bucket seats.

And also rom the outside, you could clearly see that this was different from the other 300C models. It had a wider fenders, a grill with air intakes, a small spoiler lip on the back and 20 Inch rims with huge Brembo brakes.

300C SRT8

Check out that perfect stance

Airride System

But that wasn’t enough for me. I changed the 20” rims with 22” inch versions and installed an airride system. I purchased Hotchkiss swaybars and changed all bushings to poly types.

The airride gave the SRT really super handling in corners and an awesome smooth ride.

I had 2 gauges with control buttons inside to control the front and the back ride height and when it was parked, I lowered it all the way to the ground for that extra bad look.

Tinted the rearwindow and the back side windows to the darkest tint and installed LED halo headlights. Got a complete Borla exhaust system on it and let the engine breath through a cold air intake.


Controls, Gauges & Tanks

6.1 HEMI Engine

It was lightning fast at stoplights sprints but it also had an incredible top speed and the SRT8 engine was one of the best sounding engines I ever owned.

I drove 300 kmph on the German Autobahn and it never started to shake or felt unstable.

Later on, I powder coated the innerlip of the rims black and designed my own tribal pinstripe art on them, which looked awesome, to give it an even more custom look. And to add some music, Ive installed my 1000 Watt carboomer in the trunk for some extra OOOMP!

I do not have the SRT-8 anymore as I sold it some time ago. But it will be remembered by me as one of the fastest cars I ever owned. In those days, you didn’t see much SRT-8’s in my area and as a matter of fact, I still don’t see them a lot.

But it never broke down and was reliable AF! What a ride!

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