Besides working on my projects, I also need a place to relax.

And so I dedicated a small portion of my garage to become a mancave to chill with my friends. I used to have my mancave upstairs, but it is much nicer to have all my projects, cars or bikes closeby to look at. In the same room that is. The stairs is also very steep so when my friends and I drink, its very unsafe to get down afterwards if you know what i mean 🙂

So I hauled everything from upstairs to the garage to create an all vintage 70’s relax corner downstairs.

Got some vintage Tie-Fighter that I build as a kid down there, Marvel posters, my good ole 1973 Seeberg Jukebox and my vinyl collection. I also brought my guitars and amp setup there as the sound is much better there because of the space. Its shredders heaven there!

Vintage Pioneer receiver and turntable. Also got the vintage Pioneer speakers.

Vintage Grundig audio cabinet. Everything works.

Grundig / Pioneer

My vintage audio setup is based on a Grundig audio cabinet from 1973. It has an build in tuner and turntable which both still works, but since it only has small speakers on the sides, the sounds isn’t that great.

Its looks awesome tho, and I really like the design. But for the music I rely more on my Pioneer setup.

For that, I’ve got a classic Pioneer receiver, turntable and some great speakers, all from the seventies.

My old vinyl records sounds great on the setup and it instantly brings you back to the 70’s. Although I also have a Bluetooth module connected to the amp for Spotify, I still play a lot more vinyl on it. In fact, there is a KISS record on it right now.

B&O Capri Television. Must have cost a fortune back then.

Planning on putting a modern LED color TV in it.

B&O Television

Got this supercool retro B&O Capri television cabinet on wheels from the end of the 60’s. Bought it from a guy on the internet and it had a broken cabinet door but I was able to fixed that without any problems.

The telly still works but since it has some very old connections that don’t exist anymore, there is no way that I can make it work with todays connectors.

So for now, it just sits there as a great vintage piece, but im intending to remove the screen and replace it with a new LED screen.

But I like to keep the curved screen so I must open up the screen from the backside somehow and place the new LED tv behind that. That will be in a later update I guess.

In perfect shape: a 3 seater, 2 seater and chair from 1971.

Vintage salon table complete with ’70s ashtray.

Also have lots of other cool and old vintage 70s stuff.

I’ve got a really cooldiners table with can be extended from 120cm to 160cm, using a folding inner piece, a large wall cabinet and a really cool green couch. It was a good idea to move everything downstairs as it gets a lot more attentions from visitors that enter my garage now.

And playing cards and drinking with my friends on those Saturday nights is a lot more enjoyable now as we also have the BBQ close by.

Found a 1976 Hammond organ in mind condition so I will try to master the art of playing the keyboard soon too.

Also got this classic 1976 Hammond with rotary speaker for that awesome 70’s sound!

Check out the tapedeck on the right to record your music. 

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