Saw & Grinding Table

Working with steel always leaves a mess in my garage.

There are small pieces of iron everywhere and since I like to keep my garage clean, I’ll prefer working outside of my garage when I do the cutting and grinding.

I also want to have my metal saw, vice and grinder close together as these tools are most used when working with metal.

So I’m constructing a small metal workbench along with some wheels, so I can roll it around the garage or roll it outside when I want to work with metal. Using a stick welder to glue it all together.

  • 40x40 Square Steel Tubing

    And welded on the wheels

I used 40×40 steel tubing for the workbench

And created a simple square box-like table, about 80cm high, welded some wheels under it and welded 8 pieces of square tubing on top of it to place the tools on and that I can use clamps on top when I want to.

  • Top Deck

    8 tubes so I can use clamps

Welded the table saw to the bench and used bolts for the vice and the grinder.

When you read this, I changed this and removed all screws from both the vice and the grinder.

And welded them to the bench also, as the bolts kept coming out or broke when using the tools.

  • Saw & Grinder

    All 3 tools nicely on the bench

I just store the entire workbench somewhere in a corner and get it when I need it. Normally, they were taking up space on my normal workbench but now they are out of the way. Also, when I do want to work with metal, I just roll it outside and my garage stays clean of all the debris.

As I’m new to welding, the welds don’t look as a pro but it sticks and I’m happy with the results!

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