From Stock To Edelbrock

After driving the stock 360 engine for a while, it was finally time to give it some more ooomp!

The stock engine is super reliable as I drive it almost daily but its just missing power.

So when my friend Ferry told me that he had a Edelbrock all aluminium Torker manifold and a IMPCO 425 propane carb for sale, I didn’t hesitate to buy the set from him.

Ferry also offered to help me installing the set so we could work on the engine together. Its took us the entire day to do the install, but we had lots of laughs!

  • New Setup

    Edelbrock Torker & IMPCO 425 Mixer

  • New Setup

    Edelbrock Torker & IMPCO 425 Mixer

Installation of the Edelbrock Torker manifold

Removal of the stock manifold

We got rid of the old propane setup which sucked anyway,  removed the 2 barrel carb and the stock manifold. I also have a new IMPCO converter to go with the mixer, but this will be installed later with a new 8mm line from converter to tank.

But back to the stock manifold:

That thing was heavy AF!

After removing old gaskets and cleaned everything with brake cleaner, we installed the Edelbrock Torker manifold with new Fel-Pro gaskets and some RTV.

Then we installed the Holley gas plate and on top of that, the IMPCO 425 mixer. I made a adaptor bracket for the kick down rod from a piece of steel and connected the throttle cable to the Holley gas plate.

After reinstalling the distributor and the water neck, we torqued everything to specs. Then it was time for the new Edelbrock valve covers and airfilter.

I always loved the chrome Edelbrock Elite II series but Edelbrock don’t make them anymore.

But I saw an ad on Facebook that someone had these laying around new in box, so I purchased them right way.

Installing the valve covers was a pain as it was very hard to get the bolds aligned with the holes. Next time, I will install studs first but on these valve covers, that wasn’t possible because of the design of the Edelbrock valve covers.

But I finally managed to get them on without any leaking and installed the Edelbrock air filter.

Edelbrock Elite II Valve Covers and Air Filter


After a few cranks, it started right up and it revved a lot more and faster as before. Drove a few blocks and I could clearly feel the power improvement! Now it has a much better gas response and a much faster acceleration.

It also sounded more throatier then before and with all that chrome under the hood, it sure looks a lot nicer then before also!

Happy with the result although I’m afraid that the search for more power has begun..

I made a movie about installing the Valve Covers HERE

To be continued

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