My Vintage Comic Collection

As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster liked reading comic strips

As a little kids my parents subscribed me to Walt Disney’s Donald Duck. In a time without Internet and almost no television, comic strips was the next best thing to have.

And I collected a lot! Starting with Donald Duck but at the age of 10, my interests shifted more to sci-fi and war comics.

At that time, you had cheap small war pocket comics, drawn in black and white which I collected and as I became older, I start collecting the adult versions also like Maghella, Oltrotomba and Hessa.

And as a young boy, these were awesome! 🙂

Some of my original number 1 comics framed behind glass.


And every kid in Holland had “Suske & Wiske”, the somewhat comical adventures of a Belgian family, Guust Flater, Agent 327, Lucky Luke and Paling en Ko, which were all typical European comics I guess.

But I also had, Buck Danny, Rik Ringers, Tangy and Laverdure, Michel Valliant and lots of others, but I lost those somewere in life.

I recently bought “Amoras”, the more mature version of the S&W series and I was quite impressed by it.

If you are a S&W fan, be sure to gets your hands on “Amoras”.

But my favorite comics of all times must be the Marvel Comics, Trigië and Storm, along with some spin offs like Virl or Ranx. I like all Marvel comics but my all time favorite was Spiderman offcourse. I also collected the Fantastic Four, Hulk and X-Men to name a few.

I still have all my originals and I framed all first numbers of those comics for display in my mancave.

Storm and Trigië, drawn by Don Lawrence are absolutely stunningly drawn and as being a cartoonist myself, I love the detail and the techniques that he used.

The storylines, the vehicles and the characters are outstanding and never seen before at that time.

Some of these old comics were beautifully drawn

I was really into war comics at a younger age.

I’m happy with my collection as most is not bought afterwards but are the originals that I used to read when I was a kid.

That makes it priceless for me. I don’t not keep everything nowadays as it just too much but mostly I kept at least the first 10 editions of a serie.

Back then, comics were special, but not anymore. I showed the collection to my kids only to discover that after 2 seconds, they lost interest and return to their phones…

I still like it and sometimes when I’m in bed, I still read some of my old comics and it somewhat brings me back to another time. Reading typical Dutch comics like “Joop Klepzeiker” still puts a smile on my face.

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