Guitar Amp In Trunk

How cool would it be to play the guitar next to the Toecutter?

That’s exactly what I always wanted to do. Since the trunk of the Toecutter is “as big as a whale”, I decided to install a Fender guitar amp in the trunk so I can drive to any cool spot, plug in the guitar and and start playing under the sun. (or moon)

Im not a street musician, and I sure would avoid crowded places but driving to the beach on a cold day, find a spot and start shredding “Speed King” next to the Toecutter with the amp wide open must be cool AF!

Used 40×40 cm steel tubing for the frame.

That being said, I used a Fender Frontman 212 Solid State 100 Watt Amp. Nothing fancy, just a decent amp that I had laying around.

I test fitted the Fender amp in the truck and it fitted like a glove. Im not planning to hook the amp to the main battery but instead I will use a separate battery so no worries the car wont start.

I tested the amp with a battery and it lasted for hours on a full charge so I will charge the external battery from time to time. Maybe in the future I will install a Cyrix intelli charger that campers use for charging external batteries, but before I do that, I must relocate the main battery to the trunk.

Whe you read this, I already had relocated the battery to the trunk and I will post pics of that in a future blog update.

I welded a frame from steel tube for the amp to sit in and bolded it onto the floor of the trunk. I removed the gastank as I only drive on propane so I had enough clearance to fasten the bolds under the car without any problems.

For the two battery frame holders, I used angled iron: One for the amp battery and another one for the main battery in the future, but for now, I will use the other battery holder to hold the power inverter.

Using threat ends and steel brackets to hold the battery in place with wingnuts and I used steel cables with adjusters to clamp the amp to the frame for that “rat look”.

I removed the original Fender decal from the amp in replaced it with an old “Fury” logo that I had laying around to finish it off.

Used steel plates to clamp the batteries.

Its still in the test stage and in time, I will rewire and relocated cables for a more sleek look but for now, this is how it is. I made sure the battery was full and drove off to find a clear spot to test it out. That was harder than I though because as soon as I stopped somewhere to test it out, lots of people gather to watch…:)

Finally found a spot close to the beach with no people, plugged the guitar in and played under the sky like it was Woodstock!

Check below video at 2.18, you can hear the guitar / amp from the Fury!

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