New Amp / Speaker Combo

As a kid, I was a huge KISS fan and in a way, I still am.

Offcourse there were lots of other cool rockbands at the time, but they were just rockbands.

KISS was a rockband, and so much more! The makeup, the shows, the spectacle: It was never been done by any band before.

At the age of 11, my music teacher took me to see them live in 1978 and I was totally blown away by the show! From that time, I was a KISS fan for life!

KISS got me into playing the guitar and over the years I had a lot of amps, cabs and guitars.

Retro combo at my retro mancave

I recently bought a new pre amp and speaker cabinet, both retro offcourse, which I like to show you.


Picked this tube-amp up as I heard lots of good stories about it. This amp has a classic 70’s rock n roll tone, but it also has it’s own characteristics. One cool thing is that this model had seperate eq (bass, mid, treble, and prescence) for each channel.

This amp is LOUD!!!

The company is out of business as far as I know, so no tech support but KMD’s build quality while they were still in England was excellent. I would rate it almost as heavy built as most Peavey stuff. This one was made to be gigged and toured with, I would not hesitate to play it hard all the time, in fact I do!!!


I was at a show were these used this cabinet speaker and I was quite impressed by it so bought one. The sound quality of these cabs is fantastic.

I had compared it with my other €1400 Krank Rev 480W 4×12 and the Behringer cab sounds far superior. Better, tighter bass, cleaner highs, fuller mids.

The Behringer cab gives you the actual sound that your amp is putting out, or your amp and effects, which ever the case may be.

The speakers are like a blank slate and deliver very accurate tones to what the amps and effects were meant to sound like.

400 Watts Behringer Ultrastack

In 25 years of hearing different guitar cabs with various rigs, this one sounds better than speaker cabs costing 5x the price. The Jensen/Bugera speakers are just excellent! I like my new setup a lot as its not to heavy and it has that classic 70’s rock n roll sound to it we all love. The distortion on the KMD is unmatched and combined with the Behringer Ultrastack, the setup is ultra loud with crisp tones.

If you are looking for that 70s sounds, go buy yourself a KMD / Behringer combo.

It won’t break the bank and you can have a classic rock n roll sound under 500 bucks!

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