The Fury came standard with a colomn shifter and it probably had a big bench seat in the front aswell.

But the previous owner ditched the bench and installed 2 bucketseats up front which are way cooler indeed.

With the bench removed and the bucketseats installed, that left a big gap between the bucketseats and enough room for a centerconsole with a floor shifter, which is far more cooler that that whimpy colomshifter offcourse

So I decided to build me a center console with a floor shifter, some switches and a main battery switch to cut all power.

Control box for my flip switches

Since the carpet is pretty messed up between the seats, I’ve decided that I would make a all steel construction in the middle to mount everything on: The shifter, my MSD ignition box, flip switches for future use and a engine kill switch to cut off all power.

I always wanted a B&M megashifter so placed the order at Summit Racing and within two weeks, the shifter arrived at my door.

Started with welding two pieces together for the base structure. Had them laying around anyway and did a mock-up placing the shifter on it, to pinpoint the exact position.

Drilled the 4 holes for the bolts to go through and also a slightly larger hole for the shifter cable to go through. The bolts that mounts the shifter in place, also bots the entire construction to the chassis.

Then I made a bracket for the installation box that would hold the flip switches. It will be attached in front of the shifter and on a slight angle so the switches can be operated easier. Behind the shifter case, Ive welded a raised angled construction for the location of the kill switch.

As the hole was pretty big for the switch, Ive took the angled construction to a machineshop, were they pressed out the hole. Tapped 4 allen screws on top just for looks.

Dropped in the killswitch and it looked great!

Behind – and slightly under de killswitch bracket – was the location for the MSD ignition box. Ive installed the MSD box on rubber pads so that they can absorb any vibrations. Since my battery is located in my trunk, I had to reroute cables to the trunk and to the front which I all protected with ribbed cable sleeves.

Made a bracket for the kill switch that sits right behind the shifter

And after it was all done, Ive spray painted the entire console black. It fits the car perfectly and I think that it looks just great! It was a fun project to build and most of the work was done on the workbench so I was able to inspect and measure everything perfectly without laying in the car in some ackward position

Next up is the cable connection the the transmission and connecting the wires for the ignition box.

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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