Plymouth The Toecutter Fury

Thats right: Its called “The Toecutter” and its a he, not a she!

I will be modifying and working on my C-Body Mopar: a 1972 Plymouth Fury Hardtop that I’ll bought mid 2018 and I will be happy blogging about it.

No high-end, multi dollar project but mainly some modest tweaking to keep it alive and on the road.

If you like a simple house and garden construction report, then you will enjoy following this blog.

I installed some extra autometer gauges

Its a daily, which means I drive my Fury every day – at least 500 Miles a month – and I have reasonable technical knowledge and understand alot about the Mopar V8 engines, but I’m not Uncle Tony  🙂

I have my own workshop at my mancave where it is parked and I like to work on the Fury in my free time.

My main goal is to keep the Fury on the road, of course.

But also to build and adapt it to my own liking. In the end it should be a kind of Mad Max creation where I throw everything into the mix, as long as it looks cool.

No blueprint, matching number of original parts Mopar, not even a clone.

The Fury is called: “The Toecutter“, named after a character from a well-known movie and by Dirk, an old friend of mine, who’s toes got crushed when he lowered the jack just a little too enthusiastically.

We started out with the name “Lurge“, named after the butler from the Adams Family, but everybody kept asking what that ment, so we changed it to “The Toecutter”.

Its already lowered, has an awesome rustlook paintjob, has a fantastic sound and that front bumper, man I just love it! It sounds deep, loud and at idling you can even hear a little cam lope, although it has a stock cam in it.

The 360LA engine is very reliable but far from fast.

He sounds fast, for sure, but with the stock engine it can just keep up with the traffic.  But I make lots of miles with it and enjoy it every day.

Remember these old 8 track tapes? Got an 8 track playing installed

It will not be easy to get it completely to my liking because parts for a C-Body is a complete disaster. There is almost nothing available for it, but thats abit of the challenge I guess.


Grab a beer, smoke a joint, sit back, relax and if you also have a Mopar, show it to me in the comment section.

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