My First Blogpost: The 70s Guy

I was born in 1967, so I was raised in the 70s and was a teen in the 80s.

I have a tremendous nostalgia for those years, and life was pretty great.

I grew up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the 70s were a time before mobile phones, personal computers and tablets, and there were only 2 television channels. If you wanted to listen to music you either turned on the radio or listened to your record collection. And vinyl albums were awesome, and still are!

Today, we all just download music from Spotify or YouTube but back then, you got on your bike and rode down to the record store and bought that Kiss album you’d been saving up for, then rode back to your house with your friend and the two of you laid on your bedroom floor listening to the album for the next two hours while play backing and air guitaring the songs. It was pretty great.

1977 was the premier of Star Wars, who changed the global look on sci-fi. Im still a huge Star wars collector and fan nowadays!

In my opinion: Music in the end 60s/early 70s was the best. Probably the best rock ’n roll ever made during that era and there was also the introducing of other music types like disco and ska music. I could list some of the great bands here but the list would go on forever. There is just too much awesomeness..

Life was simpler for a kid. For one thing, there was no social media and no internet. If you wanted to socialize, you went outside and joined all the other kids for some soccer or hide and seek, or to ride bikes or skateboarding.

There were always gangs of kids outside having fun, and parents never really worried where we were so long as we were home by dinner. Imagine running out of the door today, without a cell phone or your keys, without telling anyone where you were going..

Many of the modern anxieties we have about food, exercise, safety and children didn’t exist back in the 70s and 80s.

We ate bacon and eggs for breakfast, sausages for lunch, potatoes with chicken and applesauce for dinner and filled the gaps in between with additive enriched sweets and snacks.

There were no helicopter parents organizing every moment of a child’s life, from carefully calibrated diet to an education road map. And yet, in spite of this, a successful generation of children grew up in relatively good health.

As long as we were home by dark, and they knew we were with our friends, they didn’t freak out, call missing persons, or file a lawsuit against anyone.

PONG came in 1972 and it was the beginning of the arcade games. Yes, we had to pay to play.

Late 60s/early 70s: Probably the best looking cars ever produced!

Television in the 70s was better, too, and almost everything was suitable for family viewing. Moreover, since no one had more than 2 channels, all us kids watched the same shows and talked at length about them. When you got to school on Thursday, for example, everyone would talk about the kids cartoon television from Wednesday afternoon. And nobody said, “Did you see Bugs Bunny or any other series last night?” It was assumed that you had.

We didn’t know about gas shortages, the environment, global issues or recycling. We didn’t care about those things. What we did care about was the fact that JR was shot in last night’s episode of Dallas. He had cried!

In the 80s, TV wasn’t quite as good and most of the good guitar rock had been replaced by synth rock, with a lot of bubble-gum pop thrown in. The music of the 80s sounds great in retrospect, but at the time? Not so much.

Growing up in the 70s, we didn’t worry about terrorism or school shootings, and racism didn’t seem to be nearly the problem it has become today. Our schools still called it “Christmas Break”, there were no massive Black Lives Matters campaigns, and political correctness was still many years away.

Those were the days. And like I wrote in the first section of this post, I have huge nostalgic feelings for those years and I collect lots of items from that era like comic books, toys and everyday things.

And this blog is about those things I’ve collected and saved, showing it to you so you can enjoy it too.

Have fun reading my blog and drop me a line sometimes.


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